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add 1 bot?
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Joined: 2nd Jul 2014
Rank: CoD4 Super Admin
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26th Nov 2014

Idk if this is prosible but many combined operation servers have this, if we could add 1 bot to our server, our server would always be active cause as soon as 1 person joins, he will be able to play. I have recently seen a guy call breiBot which is obviously breidod. I think it would be good cause many times, when I join, nobosy in the server and I must wait.

ps I think there is a plugin for it

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why am I so pro?

Joined: 18th Jun 2013
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26th Nov 2014

I know what you mean but, did you know that people can report us for this? I want our server to has a legit rank, not to be fake no matter what. I'd like to know in which server you saw this (IP if possible) please.

Answer is No, sorry

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=oMG= SkyFyHDCoD4 Memb
Joined: 19th Nov 2014
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11th Dec 2014

good idea cuz whem im on mostly there is no one else

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