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Hello everyone and welcome to Onslaught Mad Gamers' Forum!

We are so happy having you here!

In our Forum you can find all the members and admins of oMG Clan, the Founder who's        @Furious-F     and the Co-Founder who is  @iNsane|CF

If you have any questions feel free to Contact Us in:

Skype: omg-clan

xFire: omgclan

Steam: omg_clan


TeamSpeak 3

We're not cheating and cheaters will be banned!

If you notice any please report him and we'll take care of him/her asap!

Thank you

Happy New Year 2015
31st Dec 2014 · oMG- Furious-FFounder · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

Merry Christmas
25th Dec 2014 · oMG- Furious-FFounder · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

New EndRound / Map Songs!
19th Dec 2014 · oMG- Furious-FFounder · 1 Comments · Likes · Like

Hello mates,

I've got great news! As you know, I've been working on endround + endmap song(s) lately thankfully with your help by suggestion your favorite songs and I'm finally done! I really want to thank all who suggested some songs and those people were:

=oMG= Zinc


.: oMG :. NinJa

Those guys are now added in the credits when a map finishes and their names are showed every time a map's finished, after the voting system  ............

New DR Full Admin - Nickkiller
24th Oct 2014 · oMG- Furious-FFounder · 5 Comments · Likes · Like

Hello people,

The reason of making this topic is to Announce our Brand New DR Full Admin, Nickkiller who showed a lot of passion to our clan and helped, still helping us out! Since our last Full Admin, Mortiis left us, I had to decide about a new DR Full Admin and here I am to announce it to you! 

New Intro
15th Oct 2014 · oMG- Furious-FFounder · 2 Comments · Likes · Like

Hey all,

As you might noticed, we have a new Intro for our clan! That's thanks to a guy called Yuvalpre who made it for free. For those who didn't notice it, it can be found in Home Page or in our YouTube Channel, more specific, in

New DR Full Admin - Mortiis
18th Sep 2014 · oMG- Furious-FFounder · 3 Comments · Likes · Like

Hello fellow members and players,

With a lot of joy I'm making this Announcement to represent you our new Full Admin, Mortiis who's in our clan since the 18th of February! I've been in dilemma for a pretty much time because I believe that our clan wants a new Full Admin who has more power of course + the ability to restart the server when it's bugged etc.

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